/Food Fairytales/

Copertina2This is a tasty and fun experience. Just a fantastic  journey in search of recipes taken from the fairy-tale story, rediscovered for the modern kitchen.
The cakes of Fairies, the soups of the Orcs and  Witches, the ancient Roman and medieval dishes, healthy and mysterious beverages,  jams to cure diseases, oils for beauty and charm.
In addition to being a fun way to put food on the table, this is also a fantastic device to connect with the personages of our imagination, those we have known as children and now still accompany our memories, or even the historical characters, our ancient ancestors and grandparents too.
This is a journey to rediscover everyone, young and old, well-being and the taste of proper nutrition, exploring the magic of fairy tales and going along the fantastic truth of the history. For nutrition education, for the awareness of the emotions related to food, to find a nice simple solution to the problems of obesity and anorexia, to talk about food  through reading education, with joy as it should be.
Our guide will be nothing less than … a woman of the Old Roman Empire and a princess from the year one thousand! Women full of courage, beautiful and charming, that will lead us on a wonderful journey with stories of past and present and wonderful images. With them we will discover the pleasure of reading and the charm of history, we find the food around the world, cultures of many peoples, and especially we’ll discover how to study and learn having fun and playing. Who are they? Let’s find out together…
Come on, so many stories and stunning photographic images are waiting for us!!!

The adventure begins: an exceptional guide (under construction)
The secret ingredient: project for school and parents cultural association
La merenda delle fate
L’ingrediente segreto: progetto per scuole e associazioni
La cucina di Asellina
In cucina fin da piccoli
Fiabe, cibo e rivoluzione
Il cibo racconta
Cibo da fiaba
Fiabe e cibo ..a scuola!


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