@ Thieves of fables

The writer Rosa Tiziana Bruno has created this site with the aim of giving life and spreading the pleasure of reading, storytelling and writing. This space is for people, childrens or not, that in different places and different ways have at heart the story in all possible forms. The site’s name incorporates the title of the novel for children published in 2007 by the author: “Thieves of fables”.
The main purpose of the site is to network experiences already in place and to encourage others, to invent new laboratories, new strategies of narration, through a fruitful discussion between writer and reader, between adults and children, between the school and the literary world.
The promotion of projects of narration and reading education is a way to provide opportunities and facilitate the exchange of experiences, which have an impact even in the work of school. This promotion is made even more necessary in a society that sees increasing interconnections among the countries of the world, every day.
Into the enormous global village we live in, the narrative is perhaps the privileged way that can lead to deep contact with our inner reality and discover the world. The story comes from the desire to discover the meaning of life, the meaning and value of existence. Allows you to see reality without being subjected to a single dominant point of view. There is a close correlation between freedom and narration. For this we must never allow someone steal the story or, worse, it trivializes to make it an instrument of subjugation.

The story is at all times in all places, in all societies, beginning with the history of mankind, the story is there, like life (Roland Barthes)



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