Food and fairy school.

A project on the tasty food … to an intercultural mood and to talk about food and emotions at school and everywhere.

Very often we adults encounter many difficulties to “engage” with the children and young adult a talk about food. It seems almost impossible to find appropriate words to set up an exchange of views. Yet the little we wonder why about so many things and we have a duty to respond, without moralizing or technical talk and boring but resorting to narrative and good practices.
The fairy tales can provide words. Almost every fairy tale speaks about food (a nourishment not only physical) and that can serve to introduce a new way of eating, which is not only a simple food consume.
There is the need to be a deep respect towards the products of the earth and work of human hands, to recovered it as the gestures of a time when we bent down to kiss the bread fell under the table before throwing, or blow on it before eat it.
To talk about food in a pleasant way we can enter, therefore, in the world of fairy tales. Following the culinary journey of fairy tales, you will discover curious dishes, new joys, customs of the various corners of the Earth.
It turns out the value of food as a direct contact with nature and human culture.
The secret ingredient of Mr. Zitti is a workshop that aims to guide everybody to discover the important role of food in their life and in human relations, in every corner of the planet.
We can cure so, in a creative and non-invasive way, even many food wrong attitudes.
Speaking of nutrition, we hold intercultural really do, talk together on the social and economic reality of our planet. On diversity and comunanz. Speaking of food children we can also study math, geography, history, science, languages… having fun.
The food that we need is not only physical, but it’s care, holiday, fear, desire, well, pleasure, pain, life.
Finally, a journey through beautiful photographs taken with the phone by many iphoneographer artist, we will show that food is a powerful and wonderful experience and that all peoples of the world do not feed only, but realize every time a small work of art. It’s the art in the art.
The iphoneography is the new frontier of photographic art, accessible and democratic, and it is able to offer us a direct evidence of how we inhabit this planet. Anyone can participate, even children. With all the pictures taken, as from the artists and from children, will be an exhibition in Milan (Italy) during the international event Expo2015.
We face a great trip! Let’s start!
The laboratory is divided into three parts, theoretical and a practical.
Learning aims:
– Intrigue and sensitize children to the world of food;
– Reflect on the foods, their history and the importance of biodiversity;
– Reflect and reason over territory and food traditions;
– Explore the geography of foods and their link with the various cultures of the world
– Know the seasonality of fruits and vegetables during the year
– Become aware of the emotions and feelings related to food
– Relationship to the various areas: geography, history, science, math, languages
– Become active subjects of their food choices
– Eat with awareness
– Understand the importance of the slowness and the right dosage of the times
– Know how to choose the food for their own good and the good of the community
– Experience the conviviality and the importance of communication

Part I: Secret Ingredients from fairy tales
Part II: Recipes from history and from the world
Part III: cooking, book and photographic exhibition

Operative indications:
The route is suitable for children of the Nursery School, Primary, and Lower Media. Fairy tales and recipes will be selected based on the age of the participants and will be provided free of charge to teachers, the author of the project A. Tiziana Bruno. Teachers also receive by the writer detailed guidance on how to conduct and involvement in the class, at every stage of the project. In conclusion, each school will carry out its own book, “Special”, a small and precious work of culinary literature.
To get the full version and detailed project and directions to make it happen in the classroom, write to:

Project by R. Tiziana Bruno
Illustration: Marta Farina
All rights reserved. Reproduction.

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