Asellina’s tavern in Pompeii

Asellina versa vinoWith the patronage of cultural institutes:
Italian Academy of Historical Gastronomy
Italian Academy of Cooking
The book has been recognized at the recent Gourmand World Awards as national winner for Italy and second in the world Gourmand bollino
How to discover Pompeii and the Roman Empire in a fun way?
How children can explore History?
How to know ancient life to better understand the present reality?

magister cum puellamFinally there is the way: Asellina’s tavern (La Medusa Editrice) a historical novel for all ages, from 9 to 99 years old.
Let’s imagine that we are the masters of
the time and go backward to find ourselves on the slopes of Vesuvius, in Pompeii, Roman empire. Year 69 d. C. There we meet a mother and her three children who investigate mysterious affairs. She’s Asellina, a woman who truly existed in Pompeii during the years of the great Roman Empire and who ran a tavern right in the center of the city.

21462661_884264611723087_5477468430424444701_nDuring the excavations, items necessary for the every day operations of the tavern were uncovered on the murble counter: pots, a boilier and a big bronze lamp hanging in the middle of the vault. Even the proceeds of the day were found: 683 sestertii.
 The place is still open today in the archaeological site of Pompeii.
But how was Asellina’s daily life? And what about other inhabitants of Pompeii?
The novel Asellina’s tavern describes everything with historical precision and leads us discovering emotions, games, hopes, failures and mysteries of the past.
But it’s not enough! Following the aromas of Asellina’s cuisine, we explore Pompeii’s civilization from truly captivating ponints of view.
The recipes contained in the books are
related to adventurous episodes, proposing a journey through important topics such as equality, peaceful coexistence, freedom, justice, globalization.
Page after page, a constant beat, until the discovery of the “culprit”.Marcus incappucciato
In the last part there are also the recipes of the ancient kitchen of Pompeii, easy to prepare today, finding a way to nourish natural and tasty. 
Asellina’s tavern is a thrilling dive into History, to find out that it’s not a sterile discipline, but the wonderful story of the flow of life.

* The novel is accompanied by the appropriate teaching material for its use in the classroom.
Legio I Adiutrix
Legio I Adiutrix – historical reenactors from Pompeii

To buy the book, click the flower —>fiore 1

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